Month: February 2021

Release Date!

Eeeeee! I’m so excited to post this update!

My editor and the publisher loved the updates I made to the contemporary parts of On Home and so they took it to a meeting with sales reps from the distributor. These are the people who sell the books to bookstores.

The sales reps also loved the contemporary story but had some issues with the historical parts (basically I worked too hard on these, and made them too detailed and heavy handed.) So, I’m working on toning those down a bit, which I’ll be done with by the end of March. My editor is looking over these changes as I go. Then, April 1, the book will go to copy edit!!!! In the meantime, a creative brief is going to the designer so that we can get a professional cover. The tentative release date is August 24, 2021!

Of course, this could always get pushed back depending on different factors. A good number of my friends who have published their books have had to push their dates back. BUT getting a date is a pretty huge deal! It means we have about six months to wrap up the edits, market the heck out of it, get advanced reviews, and hopefully plan a fun launch party. Y’all better wear your masks and get your vaccinations because I want you there with me! 🙂